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Inspired by Colour #2

This regular blog series gives you a dose of 'colour first' inspiration. All of these brilliant creations have one colour in common – this edition, in order to conjur up images of warmer days pas...

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Posted by Sam S on 20th Nov 2013

Keeping time in 2014

Smart phones are now so smart that most of the office clutter we needed 10 years ago fits in our pocket. So much office brick-a-brack has been made redundant - which is fine, if you like minimal, s...

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Posted by Danny on 8th Nov 2013

Halloween inspired design

In the advertising World, the constant battle for brand exposure always comes to a head during particular holiday seasons. Halloween (especially in the USA) is becoming an increasingly big deal, an...

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Posted by Danny on 31st Oct 2013

Caffeine fuelled design

As an agency specialising in graphic and web design, we generally find ourselves creating visuals for websites, microsites, brochures and brands. Every now and then though, just when we think we've...

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Posted by Danny on 6th Aug 2013

Inspired by Colour

Building swatches is often one of the more enjoyable aspects of starting a fresh project. Whether you specialise in graphic, web, UI or illustration, creating the right colour palette is absolutely...

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Posted by Sam G on 6th Jun 2013

9 Creative Studio Spaces

When I first started out freelancing, I was working from my student bedroom. Although being poorly lit, completely disorganised and cluttered, and there being barely enough space for a desk next to...

Industrial looking design studio
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Posted by Sam S on 19th Apr 2013

A Brand is not just a Logo

We all think we know what a brand is. It's safe to say that we all get the same image in our heads when we think of Nike, Apple, Starbucks or Audi. Whether it's a swooshing tick, silhoutted fruit o...

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Posted by Sam S on 12th Feb 2013

Infographics: Data for the Mathematically Challenged

For the last couple of years, infographics have become really popular. Simply put, infographics are data visualizations that tell stories. More often than not, designers create infographics purely ...

What would you do with your last year on Earth? Info graphic showing a world map
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Posted by Danny on 25th Jan 2013

An Alternative Guide to Christmas Decoration

When I was growing up, there was this bloke down the road who went decoration crazy at Christmas. There were lights on everything. Literally. There wasn't a single surface in his entire house that ...

Alternative christmas tree idea
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Posted by Sam S on 3rd Dec 2012

Design: A Lesson in Balance

If I was an evolutionary biologist, I could probably give you all sorts of interesting and complex reasons why humans find balance and symmetry so beautiful. It's probably intricately and wonderful...

Apple logo example of design balance, Doshmo logo example of design balance & Twitter logo example of design balance.
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Posted by Sam S on 16th Nov 2012

Phones, Tablets and Websites

It's been a bit over 5 years since the original iPhone was released in 2007 - arguably the first phone that offered a 'proper' web experience - allowing people to view websites only intended for mo...

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Posted by Danny on 10th Nov 2012

Designing for…Beer!

There are some jobs that as designers we all dream about. I'm willing to bet good money that loads of you, just like me, love the idea of designing labelling, signage and packaging for the beer ind...

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Posted by Sam G on 20th Nov 2013

On the Xmas List...

Earlier this year, I wrote about the gadgets I thought I'd need in 2013. It's fair to say that I was wrong - I didn't 'need' any of them. At least not enough to actually purchase them. Although thi...

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Posted by Sam G on 29th Oct 2013

Space to Create

It's predicted that of the 232,000 designers in the UK, about 28% are freelancers. So, by my estimation, that's 60,000 or so working from home or hot desking around the country. The rest of us work...

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Posted by Sam S on 25th Oct 2013

Research - Sketch - Refine - Deliver

There are 4 simple steps to our design process. Each one is as important as the last, and each one includes a whole series of problems to solve and goals to achieve. With the aim of giving you guys...

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Posted by Sam G on 4th Jul 2013

Getting crafty with our Business Cards

Business cards get a bid of a bad rep, don't they? Too often when we think of business cards, we think of middle-management types in badly tailored suits, exchanging details at some ill-conceived n...

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Posted by Sam G on 25th Apr 2013

The Rejects of Design

We've all had our fair share of rejected design ideas. It's just part of the job. Rather than chucking failed projects out with the trash though, locking rejected designs away for a rainy day may p...

Rae Jewelry bird inspired logo and 'Jasminum' by Mik Skuza, beauty and spa logo
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Posted by Sam S on 5th Mar 2013

The Gadgets We Think We Need

It's safe to say that when it comes to buying bits of tech, I find it hard to walk away from great craftmanship and real innovation. That's even more true when the gadget in question claims it will...

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Posted by Sam G on 29th Jan 2013

2012 Round-Up

I'd love to be able to start this blog post by making some casual comment about how difficult it's going to be to get back to the daily work routine after the Holidays. I'd like to joke about how I...

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Posted by Sam S on 19th Dec 2012

Christmas Design

Christmas is great for lots of reasons; Spending time with your family, eating and drinking for a few days pretty much constantly, and the joy of receiving knitted jumpers, novelty ties and an iPad...

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Posted by Sam G on 19th Nov 2012

Playing with Print

As much as we love building interactive, innovative and intuitive websites and web apps, like most designers, our roots are in print. Although developing for web and mobile devices brings about con...

Indie newspaper prints
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Posted by Sam S on 12th Nov 2012

Kindle fire HD kills the competition… or does it?

Being a gadget freak, I'm always on the look out for the coolest, fastest, and most groundbreaking new products to hit the market. So, when Apple announced the iPad Mini, I couldn't wait to get my ...

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Posted by Sam G on 9th Nov 2012

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