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Client focus: Go City

By Danny January 14th, 2019

City breaks are a great way to see the world, without eating into your annual holiday allowance. With competitive airfares from the like of EasyJet and Ryanair, and the meteoric rise in flexible accommodation websites, such as AirBnB, it’s no surprise that more and more of us are opting to make the most out of our bank holiday weekends by jetting-off to explore cities all over the globe. City passes, such as the GO City Card and the Explorer Pass, are a great way to discover new cities because they offer and hassle-free entry and flexibility to explore an array of attractions whilst offering value for money.

After having worked on their City Pass products for London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai, we had the pleasure of working with our client to manage and implement the global and cohesive re-design of all printed literature for their entire range of GO City Card and Explorer Pass products across a number of cities both in the U.S.A. and throughout the globe. We look forward to working with them as their product range expands and diversifies.