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Mapping the way

By Danny May 18th, 2018

Maps are a vital navigation tool – especially for tourists.

A good map can make the difference between finding a hidden local gem, or ending up in a dodgy, unmarked back street in the middle of nowhere (we’ve all been there).

We have been working on a range of tourism guidebooks for a number of years, which include customised designed mapping for both individual attractions and city overviews. The guidebooks are compact, which in turn means that the designed maps must also be compact, sufficiently clear and informative, yet unobstructed by a barrage of road and landmark names. The mapping element of these guidebooks is an essential part of the project. They will ultimately serve as a visual navigational guide for millions of tourists and city explorers. It is therefore crucial that there is an equilibrium between visual and functional design.

If you have a mapping project, or you would like more information about our customised mapping, please get in touch. Just give us a call on 0330 088 1685, send us an email to, or drop in and see us, we would be happy to talk.