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A change is coming

By Danny April 23rd, 2015

We have never been more connected as we are now. With the rise of highly portable handheld devices and a 3G (if not 4G) connection in seemingly remote locations at a minimal cost, it is clear to see why the trusty old desktop is fast becoming a relic in the home (and probably in the office too in the next few years).

Like a barometer feeling a change in the air, Google saw it coming. They have quietly watched this transformation and now they are laying the bricks to pave this new path we have unwittingly created. Google have begun to send notifications identifying sites that are not mobile friendly with a warning that such sites will not rank well on a Google Search, for smartphone users.

If a change is coming, it feels like Google are giving people the chance to address the issue before the inevitable. So, if your website is not yet mobile friendly, perhaps this is a sign to get cracking before it’s too late!

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