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A new look for women's leadership

By Sam October 23rd, 2019

Back in July, we had the fortune of chatting with Sarah Hayes, founder of Strengths Director Coaching.

We spoke to Sarah about her new executive coaching venture, and this chat led to us being commissioned to review the brand from the ground up, covering the core aspects of what the brand needed achieve for both an online and printed presence. Just recently, the brand was launched and Strengths Director Coaching is off on its way to being a strong player in the Gallup certified coaching market.

Something that struck us upon taking the work on, was the fact that Sarah wanted a brand that was strong and focused, but also one that moved away from the typical players in this field. She wanted a brand that evoked more conversation and something that was intriguing to people. The letterform logo was great at bringing these two things together. Abstract enough to make people think, whilst being corporate enough to sit in the market. There's nothing wrong with standing out, quite the opposite, and in a market that is often guarded, careful steps are required. Just perhaps not too careful.

Women's leadership coaching is an area of the business, founder, Sarah Hayes is keen to push. She has been that corporate player herself in a global field, and knows all too well that focussed direction and targeted coaching as well as balancing a life away from the office, are vital in order to succeed in a pressured and competitive market. Her words to me in one meeting, were something akin to this:

I want to support women out there, that want that dream job, or want to achieve what they can, after having kids, and giving them guidance along the way, that is something I really want to push.

Empowering words from an empowered woman.

We are really pleased to see Strengths Director Coaching live, and we have no doubt the brand will succeed in hitting the mark.

You can visit the website here