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Being paper conscious

By Sam July 2nd, 2019

Retail giant, Boots recently announced that it will completely phase out plastic bags and replace them with brown paper bags, by 2020. Fast-food chain, McDonald’s is already rolling-out paper straws to replace its plastic counterpart, throughout over a thousand of its UK outlets. With progressive awareness about plastic and its devastating effects on our planet, a knock-on impact on paper-based products bodes inevitable.

Hence, why it is increasingly vital to look out and opt for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and wood products. FSC certified products are easily identifiable by the FSC logo (shown below). It ensures the consumer that the product they are purchasing comes from a well-managed forest or a sustainable or recycled source with the highest environmental and social standards. That is why, everything we send to print is on FSC certified stock.

It is important to remember that whether plastic, or paper, our use of these materials have a direct impact on the planet. Afterall, it would be a shame to combat our plastic problem at the expense of our forests and their communities.