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Cricket World Cup

By Sam February 13th, 2015

Ok, we have to confess, we’re not really cricket fans. We wouldn’t know an LBW from a VPL or a wicket from a peg but we are fascinated with the continent in which the World Cup is being held. Now we could talk about kangaroos and kiwis all day long, but instead we’d thought we’d keep it more ‘cultured’ and take a look at some of the amazing native art synonymous with Australia and New Zealand.

The British Museum will be showcasing ‘Yumari,’ an impressive piece of Aboriginal art painted by the late Uta Uta Tjangala, and which, in part, features as a watermark on Australian passports, later this year. This is part of a larger exhibition, which explores the art of indigenous Australia. To find out more about this exhibition and book online, click the following link:

Indigenous Australia at The British Museum

The Pitts Rivers Museum in Oxford, which displays collections belonging to the University of Oxford houses an impressive array of Maori artefacts. They have just this year completed a display showcasing the intricate art of Maori wood carving. If you would like to read more about the history of the collection and it’s origins, please click the following link:

Maori Artefacts at The Pitts Rivers Museum