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Getting crafty with our business cards

By Sam April 25th, 2013

Business cards get a bid of a bad rep, don’t they? Too often when we think of business cards, we think of middle-management types in badly tailored suits, exchanging details at some ill-conceived networking event over a sloppy, meaningless handshake.

The truth is though, that there have been plenty of occasions recently where having our essential contact details to hand in a simple, hassle free and immediate format has been pretty useful. Those serendipitous encounters with our creative sector neighbours that we were queuing behind for an afternoon espresso, who with one simple exchange, have been able to connect with us however they choose. As much as we might like to promote the benefits of a digitally connected world, trying to verbalise your website, twitter handle or facebook page is just a little bit messy and labourious. And don’t talk to me about QR codes. They are utterly ridiculous.

Earlier this week, I decided to engage my crafty side, and spruce up our business cards a bit. Now, it has to be said that as a huge fan of traditional printing methods, our letterpress 700gsm business cards were pretty stand-out to begin with. We went for a really classy black and white design, with a few simple phrases to explain our services and approach in as punchy a way as possible. When I was putting these designs together, I always had the idea of edge painting them with the Pixel Primate bright magenta in the back of my mind. I thought it would create something a bit more interesting than the standard business card, and as a result, would give this often neglected piece of business stationary a bit of much needed impact.

After buying the Montana spray paint at London Graphics I constructed a very DIY spray box in the courtyard just outside of our London studio. Whilst using a plug to weigh the cards down during spraying might have done the trick, the studio is now one plug lighter. I’d recommended trying to find a small heavy object that you didn’t plan on using again! Make sure you align the edges for consistency - we used a ruler, and it will take more than one coat too - I did 5 overall with 2-3 minutes gaps between sprayings to get the colour really vivid. I think the results speak for themselves!