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Graffiti isn’t a dirty word

By Danny September 1st, 2019

Leicester is a multicultural melting-pot with an inspirational street art scene to boot.

Street art, at one time more commonly recognised by its murky moniker, ‘graffiti’, was once considered an eyesore, a costly nuisance and an unfortunate by-product of a misspent youth. But the tides have turned­ – graffiti isn’t a dirty word, spray paint isn’t a weapon of defamation and Banksy is a national treasure.

If you need any more proof of how extensively and utterly our perception of graffiti has changed, you need look no further than the incredible street art on display during the Bring the Paint festival, held in the cultural quarter of Leicester over the last May bank holiday weekend. Artists were out on full display, spray-painting their designs on the walls of Leicester, whilst passers-by looked on, awestruck. Children and adults alike were encouraged to participate and leave their creative mark. It was a remarkable celebration of an emerging artform, that used to be considered as anything but that.