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Inspired by colour #3

By Sam S June 30th, 2014

This regular blog series gives you a dose of ‘colour first’ inspiration. All of these brilliant creations have one colour in common – this edition, as it’s BBQ season and we should all be outside, I’ve picked a grassy green. Below you can see a whole range of designs which share that colour, and take inspiration from the swatches that other designers have created around it.

Building swatches is often one of the more enjoyable aspects of starting a fresh project. Whether you specialise in graphic, web, UI or illustration, creating the right colour palette is absolutely crucial to making your designs beautiful. More than that, colour theorists have long contested the importance of colour for ease of navigation, functionality and communication. I’ve scoured the web, and found some awesome designs that share one familiar colour,

1) ‘Watermelon’ by Ian Trajlov

2) Cartao Verde by Cassia Tofano

3) Geocaching by Edoardo Coccia

4) RVC Undergraduate by Workbrands

5) Absinthe by Sean Pryor

6) Vectorized by Seeger Mattijs

7) Grandma and her poodle by Alaina Johnson

8) Simple Pot by jomurgel

9) Seleção Le Club Accor Hotels by Felipe Santos

10) 4/5 by Amanda Hakanson-Stacy