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Pixel Primate Signs Up!

By Sam December 14th, 2016

It’s taken us a while, but we here at Pixel Primate have finally taken a long overdue leap onto the Instagram bandwagon. And there’s no stopping us now.

Like all of the other major social media platforms, Instagram has evolved from a personal sharing medium to a powerful marketing machine. This is not only evident from the multitude of celebrity accounts, promoting a variety of products on their own, public accounts, but also by the way Instagram has changed in recent years with the inclusion of ‘sponsored ads’ and intuitive content.

If you do want to use Instagram to effectively market your business or product, a plethora of advice is only one Google search away. We particularly like Ash Read’s blog article, published on Buffer, which is full of insightful statistics, planning advice and live examples, as well as awesome links to other articles (and Instagrammers)! If you are interested in reading Ash’s article (as we were!), just click the link below.


We are still finding our feet with our own Instagram account. Despite all the excellent advice out there, we haven’t got a particular goal or agenda for the moment, except to share our work, who we are and what we like, with you.

Check out our Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/pixelprimate/