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Research - Sketch - Refine - Deliver

By Sam July 4th, 2013

There are 4 simple steps to our design process. Each one is as important as the last, and each one includes a whole series of problems to solve and goals to achieve.

With the aim of giving you guys some insight into the way we work, we’ve captured each of the steps in our creative process during a recent branding project for LTID. From Research to Delivery, we’ve screen-grabbed and snapped our journey, capturing the design process in motion.

Inspiration from these great designers:

4x (fox) - Igor Garybaldi
Boxfox - Florin Capota
Conversionfox - UNKN
Devil Fox - Nadir Balcikli
Fox Logo - Aubrey
Fox - Michael Spitz
Fox - Floris Voorfeld
User Fox Logo - Sean Farrell
Fox - Russel Quadros
Foxter - Deividas Bielskis
Gray fox - Bennie Kirksey Wells
Maxwell Fox - Brice Beasley
Foxy - Gert van Duinen
Paper Fox - Jovan Petrić
POI Fox - Axel Herrmann
Foxystats - James Waldner