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By Sam S October 25th, 2013

It’s predicted that of the 232,000 designers in the UK, about 28% are freelancers. So, by my estimation, that’s 60,000 or so working from home or hot desking around the country.

The rest of us work for agencies, and probably from some converted factory space in Soho; an industrial relic once shaken by machines, pistons, and sparks, now re-industrialised and filled with a new kind of worker.

Having already written about some really amazing design spaces owned by various design agencies, I thought I’d try and offer up some great alternatives for freelancers. (Freelancers with gardens that is - Apologies to anyone in London reading this, I guess you’ll have to keep fighting for table space in Starbucks for the time being). Below are some really awesome ‘home studios’, erected in gardens to offer some kind of work life/home life distinction for creative types. From the up-cylced and outrageous, to the more conservative and practical, there should be something to inspire you.