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What do your colours say about you?

By Sam July 30th, 2016

If you own a company, your branding is key to conveying the right message to your customers with as little visual information as possible.

This includes the colours you use in your logo as well as the use of colour more generally across your whole range of branded materials. Your colour scheme can have a huge impact on the way that people perceive your company. Often this is a subconscious impression, but it’s still important to make sure that it’s the right one.


Green can paint both positive and negative pictures. It suggests “Go” and hints towards new beginnings and wealth, and also has natural, organic and eco-friendly impressions. On the flip-side however, green is also sometimes associated with envy and jealousy.


Blue connotes relaxation, peace and serenity, as well as strength and stability depending on the hue. Keep in mind that blue can also suggest power and authority though, which could be a negative if you need to connect with customers on a personal level.


Orange is bright and happy and give an impression of lightheartedness and joy. It’s a youthful colour that’s great for drawing people in, but sometimes lacks in seriousness.


If you want to show that you get the task at hand done, Red is perfect. It’s bold, confident and unwavering. Be wary of the negative sides of reds which can include anger and aggression.


With an obvious feminine vibe, pinks and purples make good choices for people trying to attract predominantly female customers. Pinks give the impression of romance, tranquility and gentleness. Purples have a more royal or regal vibe, and are especially effective in high-end or luxury marketplaces.