We're open for business as usual.

Given the ongoing events involving COVID-19/Coronavirus, we wanted to update you as to how Pixel Primate is reacting to the pandemic. If you currently have projects pending or in progress, please take a moment to read this information.

Work in progress and new projects

Currently, business for Pixel Primate will continue as usual. Fortunately, we work in an industry where everything can be supplied digitally, so all work - from print to digital - will continue as usual.

Our studio

Given the recent advice from the UK government, we have put in place measures for staff to work from home where possible. You can reach us during office hours as usual.


To safeguard anyone that may be vulnerable to the virus, we will be taking immediate action to suspend face-to-face meetings and move to digital communication. If you already have a meeting scheduled with us, we will be in contact to discuss options.


Projects will adhere to schedules already set out. However, we understand that you may be facing difficulties within your industry and your timelines may change because of this. We will endeavour to adapt to suit your requirements.

Illness within Pixel Primate

Whilst we are taking all possible precautions to safeguard team members, we cannot foresee potential illness within our team. If this could have an impact on your schedule, we will be in touch to advise.

We are doing our best to ensure business as usual. It is going to be a challenging year for many businesses, and we hope that all of you are able to stay safe and keep your business pushing forward.