Cummins Solicitors
Website concepts, design & development

Cummins Solicitors is no ordinary law firm – and that’s precisely the ethos they wanted us to capture and convey on their new website. Cummins work and level of service in their niche sector is both extremely important to them and critical to their success, and whilst they appear to be somewhat outlandish in comparison to the general perception an archetypal law firm, they are just as dedicated and serious about their work. It was fundamental to Cummins to challenge this stereotypical image of a law firm and illustrate the firm’s playful persona without trivialising their work or jeopardising their reputation.

Cummins was careful not to bombard potential clients with unnecessary content and to limit the web text content, without being too ambiguous. Their aim was to give just enough useful and jargon-free information to avoid boredom and encourage further enquiry. We harnessed Cummins’ spirited approach, by designing their website with bright and vibrant colours and visual infographics, bolstered by the unexpected usage of fun feline photography. The latter has proven to be the perfect atypical backdrop for Cummins’ nonconforming and humorous style. The website has successfully attracted attention, conveyed Cummins’ professionalism in their signature light-hearted manner and has turned out to be a great conversation starter!