Website Design & Development

Hempsall’s approached us to design their new website. Due to the adaptive nature of their sector, it was of paramount importance for Hempsall’s to have the ability to flexibly and autonomously react to industry activity by having the facility to update their own web content accordingly. The project was swiftly identified as a fitting candidate for a fully responsive and customised CMS solution. Additionally, Hempsall’s have a very active presence on Twitter, therefore, as part of the technical solution, we designed and integrated their recent Twitter feed into every web page. Hempsall’s web content is very comprehensive and hence, highly text-based. Therefore, whilst most of the website is designed with this voluminous content in mind, we took the opportunity to create something a little different for the homepage. We drew icons to serve as quick links to other pages and designed a vector graphic based bite-size overview of who Hempsall’s are and what they do. The result: a website that offers its users extensive and vital information in a visual manner.

Pixel Primate listen carefully, and are great at offering challenges and advice, along with creative ideas and up-to-date solutions.

– James Hempsall