The Mighty Creatives
Website Design & Development

The Mighty Creatives is a charity whose mission it is to inspire creativity and make the arts accessible to every child, irrespective of their social or economic background. The TMC website design and build was a great project to work on because of the cause itself and the ingenuity that the project sparked within us. It was important for us to creatively represent the charity and the work that they do for young people, whilst appealing to corporate investors and thereby, attract funding.

Pixel Primate are talented, responsive and reliable with a fine eye. We look forward to working with them in the future.

– Danny Myers

The website was designed with bold colours, characteristic of TMC’s branding and enriched with statement photography, throughout. To counterbalance this bold colour usage throughout the website, we used a pared-back, white-out version of TMC’s logo. Text snippets are presented in off-set, rectangular boxes and have a multi-purpose function that both draws the user in and allows them to navigate to different pages on the website. The subtle, yet effective implementation of transitional scrolling is peppered throughout the website, giving it a visually diffusive facet – the sliding donate bar being a particularly impactful fluid infographic.