About Pixel Primate, who we are and how we work

We're a small tribe of creative chimps and geeky gorillas who
have one mission; to solve design problems. Having over 30 years
of collective experience between us, our skills are not just learned,
but evolved.

We work with clients both big and small, and when it comes to web, print and digital, we love an adventure. Based in the buzzing urban centres of London and Leicester, we like to keep up to date with the latest developments and emerging trends in design, technology and programming. We run an open studio ethos - if you're in the area, stop by for a coffee, and tell us about your latest project.

Pixel Primate began over 7 years ago, when Danny and Samuel believed that there was a gap in the market for high quality and well developed online solutions alongside the more traditional branding and print based projects. Our key visions are; organic growth, natural expansion into new areas of technology, and a focus on improving our wealth of experience, customer service, design and development expertise.

A bit about our primates
Samuel Galvin

Samuel Galvin
Sam is a bit of a design nut; he loves using beautiful design processes to create something people find aesthetically pleasing. When he’s not designing he’s making ski tracks in the snow.
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Danny Richardson

Daniel Richardson
Danny’s roots are digital and new media. He enjoys geeky stuff and believes in the concept of less-is-more. When he isn’t being geeky he’s out running, drinking tea or [badly] playing football.
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Samuel Stockley

Samuel Stockley
Sam is our junior creative chimp, his skills include marketing, copywriting, as well as designing. He's a real multi-tasking monkey, and when he's not eating bananas he can be found coaching rugby.
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Nishali Patel

Nishali Patel
Nish is our accounts ape. She helps us all sleep at night, and keeps the bank manager happy. When she's not making everything run smoothly, she can be found feeding us cake.

Claire Williams

Claire Williams
Claire is our search optimisation monkey, she enjoys helping our clients move up the search engine rankings. When she's not analysing spreadsheets she can be found twisting on her yoga mat.
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