Pixel Primate in a nutshell.


Back in the day
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the day
After a chance 'meeting' on a car forum; Daniel Richardson and Samuel Galvin start working together to offer high end, specialised print and web services.
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After a few years of living on coffee and burning the midnight oil, Danny and Sam have built up a decent client base in both the print and web arena. The brand Pixel Primate is born and all services are brought under one roof.
Save the trees
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Pixel Primate go paperless with an in-house bespoke CRM app; making booking-in and keeping up-to-date with jobs, digital. Communication with clients is far more streamlined and efficient. Perhaps there are a few more trees on the planet.
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A complete brand overhaul, reflective of Pixel Primate‘s skill sets, ethos and growth. The beards represent the extent of their growth.

SINCE 2004.

Daniel Richardson | Director

Whilst most 6-year-olds were outside running around after a football, the 6-year-old Danny was often inside, programming in BASIC and laying down pixels with Deluxe Paint II, on his Amiga 500.

Fast-forward a few years: complete with a degree in Computer Science; an ear for electronica; and a twinkle in his eye, Danny decided to stick it to The Man and go out on his own.

Since then, he's realised he will never make it as a professional (or even a terrible amateur) footballer, but has picked up a thing or two: tonnes of experience building web systems, apps & user interfaces, from the ground up; designing multi-lingual print spreads in everything from Japanese to Russian; and, more importantly, how to paint teeny tiny miniature figures for his nerdy games.

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Samuel Galvin | Creative Director

Sam wasn’t always destined to be a creative genius; despite adorning his bedroom walls with posters of Bauhaus and Basquiat’s best, he ignored the signs and decided to become… an accountant.

Fortunately, that’s not how it went down. Fast-forward a few years: after earning a degree in graphic design; his first salary as a designer; and a few broken bones from skiing a bit faster than he ought to, Sam decided to quit his design job and make it on his own.

Since then, he has learned a thing or two about himself: he can design anything, for anyone – from interior fit-outs and brand conception for chain restaurants to infographics and brochure lay-outs for the construction industry; but, more importantly, he has also discovered that he can grow an awesome beard.

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